Thank you.

“Thank you” by Photomaginarium

It's been a few weeks since I decided to write a post on Medium, my very first one. All I needed was an idea, even just a little one. In the end, it was the hardest part. Because trying too hard to find an idea only leads to not finding one at all. Until this Sunday, while I was working and something came up in my mind, naturally.

First post does not necessarily mean introduction, but why not contextualize a little? I'm a Web Developer ; cool isn't it? :) Let's go one step further. I'm a Web Developer, in 2015. Certainly, you and I know in which year we are. When I say "in 2015", it is more in comparison with 2005 or even before…

To be a Web Developer in 2015 means…

… to see every day new things, new languages, the latest trendy framework replacing the one you just started to learn. Sometimes, it also means to feel small in front of all these new technologies.

… to have this feeling that the world is within your reach, that everything is technically achievable, with the right tools, the right people on your side and a lot of hard working hours.

… to know that you are not alone, that at least one other people already faced the problem you're trying to solve for hours and for which you're about to get mad!

But to be a Web Developer in 2015 is also and above, means to stay humble in front of everything the community can brings you, knowing that you can't necessarily give anything back. It is to put our pride aside, even if it's not easy everyday (many are those times when you have only one wish, that your work is recognized, appreciated or even praised).

So, if this post had to have onegoal, it would be to make me realize the amazing work that others have accomplished, and to take a few minutes of my time to simply thank them.

And to hope the next time you use composer/npm/yarn/brew… install, you will think about it. Think about all those people who took some of their valuable time to save a lot of yours.

I'll do.

Thank you. A thousand times.

 by the author.



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